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Safariland Item# LE1452

Safariland Army Modular Tactical Holster (AMTH) Kit System



Safariland Army Modular Tactical Holster (AMTH) Kit System

  • 7360 Holster Sleeve in the ALS (Automatic Locking System) Family
  • Will carry a XM-17 and it will be interoperable with the XM-18 (compact variant)
  • Provides retention automatically upon holstering without the need of any activation or manipulation of any devices
  • Conforms to the shape of the handgun and ensures the handgun is securely
  • Can be configured to provide two different levels of retention 
  • With the SLS in place it is a level III holster, or by removing the SLS it has level I protection provided by the ALS locking block that automatically locks into the ejection port of the MHS upon holstering the weapon
  • Retention is deactivated with the thumb with one fluid motion by attaining a proper firing grip
  • Allows for drawing and re-holstering with one hand and without the need for looking at the holster promoting situational awareness
  • Constructed with SafariSeven™, a proprietary, lightweight, state-of-the-art nylon blend that has mechanical and physical properties such as a high mechanical strength, an excellent balance of stiffness and toughness, a good high temperature performance, and resistance to a wide range of chemicals
  • SafariSeven blocks the absorption of blood-borne pathogens and other biological fluids, and is fungus and fire resistant
  • Additionally, SafariSeven will not be degraded by CBRN decontamination materials, insect repellants, seawater, or commonly used lubricants
  • SafariSeven is tolerant of extreme high and low temperatures, structurally sound from 300 degrees to minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Mounting screws for the model 7360 holster sleeve and QAS are standard combination #2 Phillips/Slot head screws to allow for the use of a common multi-tool
  • Once the initial configuration is complete, no tools are necessary to move the holsters between different platforms when utilizing the QAS, as it is fluid and intuitive
  • This movement can be completed between any of the requested platforms (leg, hip or chest) without the need for tools in fewer than twenty (20) seconds
  • The model 7360 holster sleeve comes with an SLS which is part of the holsters retention system
  • When conducting dynamic movements, the Soldier will not require multiple steps to draw the handgun (e.g., installing and removing bungee straps, manipulating locking levers, etc.) and will be able to draw and holster the handgun continually with one hand
  • The SLS can be removed should the mission require, but level 1 retention will still remain
  • If required, the SLS can be placed back onto the 7360 holster sleeve

  • 745BL Belt clip consist of 2 parts the Belt clip and the QLS-22 receiver plate
  • This clip is used in two requirements in the holster system
  • It is used in the belt and concealment requirement
  • The clipcan be worn on the pants belt or a gun belt for concealment or non-tactical carry
  • The 745BL-55-MS22 is also used as the attachment point for the leg drop part # 6004UFA-SP1-55-MS22 Leg drop and shroud
  • The QLS (Quick Locking System) allows for quick transfer of gear between attachment points
  • This clip allowed either the holster or the Leg drop to be attached to the belt clip by using the QLS Fork that is attached to both

  • The 6004UFA-SP1-55-MS22 Leg drop and shroud is a Single leg strap shroud that is attached to a UFA (Universal Flex Adapter)
  • The 6004-UFA Drop Flex Adapter allows a user to wear the rig below the hip without shifting weight further down the leg and it will also keep the rig from sliding on belt
  • This leg shroud allows transition from hip carry to thigh carry
  • It features a single 2 inch elastic leg strap
  • Its small size allows for a lower profile carry and it is constructed using injection molded nylon for durability and flexibility
  • It features a mounted QLS Receiver plate and has four holes for attachment of two Safariland® tactical accessories

  • 6075UBL is a Low Ride Universal belt loop for 2 inch belts
  • The 6075UBL has a QLS receiver plate attached for easy attachment of the holster sleeve to the belt

  • Molle Accessory for with QLS-22
  • The MLS-16 Accessory Locking Fork mounts directly to the back the QLS 22 for attachment of to Molle
  • The MLS-16 and the QLS-22 have locking rings that allow for the angle of the QLS to be moved in a 360 degree adjustment to allow for the angle of wear that the end user requires
  • The Molle mount requires no tools to attach to Molle webbing